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What You Will Get From This Free Strategy Session:
  • In Depth Look At Your Current Real Estate Business - Are you a 1 person shop or do you have a team; learn the benefits of delegating and elevating.
  • Develop An Actionable Roadmap For Your Company - That you can use right now to dramatically increase your sales and profits
  • And The Ultimate Strategy Outline "To Get More Time To Do What You Want!"
Agents Just Like You Taking Their Businesses To The Next Level
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Lars Hedenborg is Leading The Real Estate Revolution
Entering The Real Estate Industry In The Midst Of The Biggest Real Estate Downturn In Recent History Was A Humbling Experience.

By The End Of Our First Full Year (2008), I Managed To Sell Over 70 Homes. I Learned How To Sell Homes The Hard Way. I Had No Sales Experience And Didn’t Have A Big Network Of Friends. I Didn’t Have Any Major REO Accounts…I Had To Build A Business From The Ground Up, One Client At A Time…And It Was Hard Work. But I Learned How To Generate And Convert Buyer And Seller Leads Systematically, How To Use Technology And Marketing Leverage To Bring In New Business Every Day And To Build Sustainable Systems That Ultimately Allowed Me To Step Out Of Our Business.

I Developed The Ultimate Business Blueprint For Real Estate Agents To Provide A Roadmap To Other Agents And Team Leaders So They Can Avoid The Same Mistakes I Made And Get The Same Results In Less Time. The Step-By-Step System I Have Developed Is Based On 4 Core Building Blocks That Serve As The Foundation Of The Training I Provide.

– Lars Hedenborg

"I was doing great production, working really hard, making good money, but my biggest challenges were that I wasn’t spending the time with my family and I wasn’t doing what I needed to progress."

Justin Udy

"The business has changed since coming on with Lars by implementing buyer loyalty appointments...their time is spent so much better in getting from loyalty to a contract in least amount of time, so [there's a] massive change there."

Kodi Riddle

More About Real Estate B-School Coaching
  • Real Estate B - School:  Full Access
  • The REBS Navigator: The road map that shows you the exact path to achieve the ultimate freedom.
  • The REBS Driver: The critical drivers of any real estate business that must be managed and strengthened to perform at the highest level.
  • The REBS Toolbox: A complete set of 30 tools that are the most advanced in the real estate industry and will help to systematically strengthen your business once they are implemented.
  • The Plan: Get you acclimated to the REBS mission & build momentum in your business as quickly as possible.
  • The 30 Day Quick Start: Dive into the 8 critical areas of your business.
  • The 90 Day World: Determine the 3-5 most important REBS tools to work on first.
  • The System: 1) Live Weekly Training Calls, 2) Live Weekly Sales Calls, 3) Live Intensive Workshops
  • The Help: We are here for the times you get stuck or need support as you are growing your business.
  • 1-1 Accountability Calls: Monthly 1-1 calls to move your multiplier projects forward.
  • Private Client Facebook Group: This is hands down the best online real estate community there is.
  • Email Support: 24-48 hour turnaround time to answer any and all of your questions.
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